About Barrett Lewis

Barrett Lewis is the creative director of commercial animation and design at Reel FX in Dallas, Texas. He is also an established composer and jazz guitarist, and has scored the music for several commercials, short films, VR experiences, and games.


Barrett grew up in Houston, Texas where he and his two brothers were raised by their mother, a master’s degree concert pianist and music teacher. She was a single mom, who single-handedly raised the three lewis brothers (on a teacher’s salary) while also musically educating them from an early age. “Many times we’d go without A/C in the summer, or heat in the winter, or even food and water… but at least we had a Steinway baby grand in the living room” Barrett teases.


He began his music and art education as early as elementary school, where his mother taught music. After attending arts-magnet middle and high schools (including HSPVA), he earned an Associate of Science in Animation Art & Design from The Art Institute of Houston in 1998 and continued to take advanced music theory and guitar performance classes privately.


He joined Reel FX when it was a small team of 25 people and helped it to grow into a bi-coastal, Golden-Globe nominated industry giant with over 350 staff members. In his director role, Barrett focuses on creating design and animation for commercials, film, mobile gaming, and virtual reality. His clients include Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, and SONY—and his virtual reality work is seen in Lionsgate’s Hunger Games VR experience, AT&T’s It Can Wait driving simulation, and Flight School Studio's Manifest 99 VR experience.