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Storytelling through the language of emotion.

Barrett Lewis is not only a creative director, but also an established composer, and published jazz guitarist, and has scored the music for several commercials, short films, VR experiences, and games.

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"The Adventures of Chuy" is a short film that accompanies the Book of Life feature film. Directed by Jorge Gutierrez. © 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.


Directed and composed this short tourism film for Arlington, Texas with ATK PLN and Peter Mayer


Mid-century style music for David Donahue's "Where'd all the Irons Go?"


David Donahue's "Full Support"


Entry for the composing competition hosted by the filmmakers at HBO. There were something like 11,000 entries!

Entry for the Berlin International Film Scoring Competition.

Re-score for the openening movie from Shadow of the Colossus.


Sketch for latin jazz octet showing some creative process.


Directed and composed some big band samba for this crazy racing game starring an animated Jordan Spieth.


Cinematic music with eastern instruments for this logo animation for Mandoo Pictures, a Sino-American production studio

Trailer for Manifest 99 VR experience. Full soundtrack available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Steam.


Directed and composed this game cinematic for Prey - The History of Transtar from Bethesda Games


Directed and composed this P'tit Louis commercial featuring Scrat from Ice Age

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